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Healthcare Modernized.

One of Aquavit’s commercial products, based on the microchannel technology® - AQUAGOLD® - has been empowering our physicians to personalize treatment choices. Medical professionals are using AQUAGOLD® to deliver therapeutic agents to address skin conditions using drugs of their choice.

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A new paradigm to neurotoxin treatment

DTX-021 is a botulinum toxin that is an injectable neuromodulator derived from neurotoxins produced by Clostridium botulinum, the bacterium responsible for botulism. Through the inhibition of neurotransmission between peripheral nerve endings and muscle fibers, the botulinum toxin weakens or paralyzes skeletal muscle. The effects of botulinum toxin are transient; muscular function typically returns to baseline within a few months. DTX-021 has shown equivalency to onabotulinumtoxinA (BOTOX®) on treating glabellar lines and improvement on periorbital rhytids.

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Science Personalized.

AQUABELO (Microfill HA™) is similar to our iMicrotox™ (AQB-121) with AQT-004 technology. AQUABELO™ (AQV-001) complements and expands our market with its free-standing innovation. Our patented microchannel technology ensures the site-specific injection of AQUABELO™, our patented freeze vacuum dried Hyaluronic Acid crystal balls for intradermal and interdermal delivery.
AQUABELO™ will be coming to the market very soon.

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Revolutionized Medicine.

Our patented comprehensive personalized medicine technology platform – APOLLO (PITO-001) - is a micro-injector combines our patented microchannel meso technology® ensuring microchannel interdermal delivery.  The first of its kind, smart desktop compounding technology (PITO-001/QVT series) with AI integration and a big data platform (MAV series). 
APOLLO will be coming to market soon.

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AQT-004  (Microtox)

Featuring patented microchannel technology®, Microtox is a unique, low-dose microchannel microinjector to deliver botulinum toxin. Microtox™ is pending FDA clearance for commercial use.

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AQB-121 (iMicrotox)

Featuring our patented microchannel technology®, iMicrotox™ is a unique, low-dose microchannel microinjector to deliver botulinum toxin to the periorbital region. iMicrotox™ is pending FDA clearance for commercial use.

Product Pipeline: About
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