Healthcare Modernized.

One of Aquavit’s commercial products, based on the micro-channel® technology - AQUAGOLD® - has been empowering our physicians to personalize treatment choices. Medical professionals are using AQUAGOLD® to deliver therapeutic agents to address skin conditions using drugs of their choice.



Science Personalized.

AQUABELO (Microfill HA™) is similar to our iMicrotox™ (AQB-121) with AQT-004 technology. AQUABELO™ (AQV-001) complements and expands our market with its free-standing innovation. Our patented microchannel technology ensures the site-specific injection of AQUABELO™, our patented freeze vacuum dried Hyaluronic Acid crystal balls for intradermal and interdermal delivery.
AQUABELO™ will be coming to the market very soon.



Revolutionized Medicine.

Our patented comprehensive personalized medicine technology platform – APOLLO (PITO-001) - is a micro-injector combines our patented microchannel mesotechnology ensuring microchannel interdermal delivery.  The first of its kind, smart desktop compounding technology (PITO-001/QVT series) with AI integration and a big data platform (MAV series). 
APOLLO will be coming to market soon.


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