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Aquavit was founded in 2010 in New York City. With a focus on personalized medicine, the last few years have seen us working with industry experts to continue to develop several innovative products and expanding our intellectual property (IP). Our mission is to modernize and personalize healthcare for patients through innovative drug and biologics delivery systems. Our strong IP portfolio consists of over 30 patents and over 25 trademarks.

One of Aquavit's innovations is a patented micro-channel technology - a novel route of administration (RoA) for drugs and biologics. It also allows for intradermal delivery, which has higher efficacy and speed of delivery for any drug or therapeutic agent, while minimizing any systemic toxicity. Applications for micro-channel technologies are broad, ranging from medical aesthetics, dermatology, immunology to oncology.

Aquavit recently acquired an exclusive license to register, market and commercialize a botulinum toxin (DTX-021) in the United States and Canada. This would allow entry to all indications for which BOTOX has been approved, including Chronic Migraine, Blepharospasm, Cerebral Palsy, Spasticity, Overactive bladder, Depression, Plantar Fasciitis, Osteoarthritis, to name a few.



  • Founded in New York City, October 20, 2010


  • Corporate Strategic and Scientific Advisory Board established

  • PITO-001 patent submission

  • IBX-001/SBX-012 alpha formulation developed

  • Pre-IDE FDA submission completed


  • IBX-001/SBX-012 505(b)2 regulatory pathway developed

  • IBX-001/SBX-012 beta formulation developed

  • IBX-001/SBX-012 first prototype developed

  • IBX-001/SBX-012 formulation patent submitted

  • PITO-001 first prototype developed


  • 15 Additional Patents Filed

  • AQT-001/002 developed

  • Big data platform Licensing Agreement with Dassault Systemes (Accelrys)

  • IBX-001 stability testing completed


  • AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ (AQT-001) pilot launch at American Academy of Dermatology 

  • AQUAGOLD® smart touch™ (AQX-808) prototype developed 

  • MOU signed with Mayor of Daegu city, South Korea for collaboration and investment

  • Manufacturing facility established in Daegu in collaboration with Kyungbuk University


  • PITO-001 patent granted in South Korea


  • PITO-001 patent granted and issued in Europe

  • AQT series FDA Compliance clearance received

  • Opening Keynote Speaker Company at Big Data Analytics and Pharma Conference


  • PITO-001 patent granted and issued in US

  • Received iMicrotox™ (AQB-121) trial IRB approval

  • AQT-004 regulatory pathway established

  • IBX series formulation patent granted

  • AQT-003/004 developed

  • FDA inspection successfully completed

  • RFD submitted to FDA for combination with AQT series

  • First consumer product A.S.A.P!™ Micro Infusion System commercial ready

  • Skinworkout™ System (Clean.Absolutely. brands) developed

  • Acquisition of new GMP manufacturing facility


  • Positive interim data for iMicrotox™ trial

  • Positive test results of anesthesia delivery

  • Jill Waibel, MD joins Aquavit


  • Successful legal action against counterfeiters

  • AQR-924 (AQUABELO) patent filed

  • Active in/out licensing discussions

  • ACK-122/BCC-903 development initiated

  • FDA site inspection completed

  • Acquisition of 2nd GMP manufacturing facility

  • PITO-002 prototype completed

  • Company presentation at BIO International Conference


  • New Vaccine Delivery Platform Patent- Received fast-track designation by the USPTO

  • Secured Court Order on Compensatory Sanctions Against Counterfeiter for Patent and Trademark Infringement Case

  • Invented Personalized Skin Health Digital Interface 

  • Novel patent covering Methods for Detecting Allergic Reactions 

  • Exosome Delivery patent International PCT under review

  • Patent covering methods for treating macular degeneration 

  • Filed patent to address skin issues by extended use of PPE Mask

  • Launched new clinical-grade sterilized HA serum

  • Launched SKINWORKOUT Inner B System® Mask for Blemish Control

  • Aquavit Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary 

  • Prototype developed for HPV vaccine device

  • Designed and Validated Vaccine Device Prototypes

  • CEO appointed as Advisory Board member for Precision Medicine at Univ. Missouri

  • Dr. Lara Devgan joined Aquavit as Medical Advisor

  • Hosted first-of-its-kind Global Master Class with Renowned Dermatologists- Attended by thousands of doctors from 50+ countries

  • Dr. Sheila Nazarian joins Aquavit as Medical Advisor


  • Injectable Vitamin Compositions Patent Issued by the USPTO

  • EUIPO win on trademark case against counterfeiter

  • In-licensing of new Botulinum Toxin A asset, DTX-021

  • Novel route of delivery of bioactive compositions and formulations, patent granted by USPTO

  • Pre-IND Meeting granted by the FDA

  • Patent on novel route of administration for COVID-19 vaccine delivery, under USPTO's fast-track review

  • GMP facility expansion


  • Judgment won against counterfeiters of AQT technology

  • DTX IND submitted to FDA


  • Research grant to Institute of Botulinum Toxin Research (IBTXR)

  • Launched first-of-its-kind smart skin analyzer platform

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