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The New Normal: Protect Yourself with Face Masks, & Protect Your Skin with the InnerB System® Mask

NEW YORK, Dec. 2, 2020

We are now living in the "new-normal" era, wearing face masks everywhere. With the extended use of face coverings, dermatological problems have significantly increased. The use of face coverings can result in skin irritation and the build up of pore-clogging sebum and sweat, causing acne breakouts, tightness and redness - or as it has been named: "maskne."

To control breakouts and irritation caused by face masks, Aquavit is launching the SKINWORKOUT™ InnerB System® Inner Mask for Blemish Control using its hydrogel technology™. Aquavit secured its inventive rights of PPE-ready inner mask with a worldwide patent process early this year.

This skin mask contains salicylic acid that can help remove dead skin cells, and that allows the skin cell cycle to generate new cells that can help control breakouts. The skin mask also contains Allantoin, Ulmus Davidiana Root extract, Centraria Islandica extract, and other natural ingredients that soothe and hydrate the skin.

The Inner B System® Inner Mask is composed of 2 pieces, separated for upper and lower portions of the face. It is transparent and drip-free, so it can be discreetly worn under PPE face masks to protect and treat, even during the day. The hydrogel mask sticks comfortably onto the skin, allowing you to talk comfortably while wearing the mask.

It is available now at and will be available on soon.

Visit SKINWORKOUT™ YouTube Channel, for more contents.

About Aquavit Skin Application Platform Aquavit Skin Application Platform markets and distributes innovative skin health related products worldwide. Key products include A.S.A.P!™ micro infusion applicator and SKINWORKOUT® program featuring skin health serums, U.R. (Ultimate Radiance), T.T. (Targeted Toning) and G.A. (Global Anti-aging). By utilizing our patented repeated motion, Microchannel Technology®, we enhance skincare experience and optimize the delivery system.

Forward-Looking Statements To the extent any statements made in this release contain information that is not historical, these statements are essentially forward-looking and are subject to risks and uncertainties, including the difficulty of predicting device approvals, acceptance and demand for new products, new product development and launch, reliance on key strategic alliances, availability of raw materials, availability of additional intellectual property rights, availability of future financing sources, the regulatory environment and other risks the Company may identify from time to time in the future.

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