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Police Requests Indictment of U-BioMed and CEO Nyunshik Eum for Trademark Infringement & Counterfeit

Seoul, South Korea May 28, 2019 – Aquavit Life Sciences, Inc. today received an official notice from the police that they have requested indictment of Corea Nyunshik Eum to Central Prosecution Office for Patent and Trademark Infringement and Counterfeiting.

Local authorities have been investigating U-BioMed’s criminal activities since March this year.

A repeat offender of piracy and creator of countless false statements and fake documents, U-BioMed is finally under the scrutiny of law enforcement.

U-BioMed has been illegally manufacturing and selling counterfeit of AQUAGOLD® fine touch™, owned by Aquavit Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and its Korean subsidiary, Aquavit Life Sciences, Inc. Police seized counterfeits from U-BioMed’s booth at the 2019 KIMES convention as evidence and interrogated U-BioMed’s CEO, Eum Nyun Shik several weeks ago and gathered evidence supporting the case.

The counterfeits pose a significant public health risk because they use components that are not medical-grade and because U-BioMed advises consumers that it is safe to re-use the injection devices (it is not). AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ is intended to micro-inject valuable drugs or biologics into the skin. Making a cheap counterfeit without GMP standard or quality control threatens public safety and increases the risks of physician liability.

Separately, the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York recently issued a Preliminary Injunction against U-BioMed, Inc. The order prohibits U-BioMed from manufacturing, importing, exporting, advertising, marketing, promoting, distributing, displaying, offering for sale, selling and/or otherwise dealing in infringing Aquavit’s trademark AQUAGOLD® fine touch™, and/or counterfeiting goods similar to AQUAGOLD® fine touch™.

U-BioMed has, thus far, received millions of dollars in government funding under false pretenses and have used taxpayer’s money for its illegal operation in selling counterfeits at conventions and through internet marketing.

“It is a relief to know that the justice system acted in the interest of public safety.” said Sobin Chang, CEO of Aquavit. “We will continue to innovate and march forward.”

Since its inception in 2010, Aquavit has secured over 20 utility patents and trademarks worldwide including personalized injection treatment optimizers, repeated motion microchannel drug delivery, smart formulations of bioactive compounds for microchannel delivery, microchannel designs, and personalized smart label technology. AQUAGOLD® products have been adored by many celebrities and media outlets worldwide.

About AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ is a first-of-its-kind, patented, repeated motion microchannel delivery method applying approximately 1,200 to 2,000 microinjections per minute to micro-injecting bioactive compounds intradermally. AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ is manufactured and distributed by Aquavit Pharmaceuticals, Inc., its subsidiaries and its authorized distributors worldwide.

About Aquavit Life Sciences, Inc. Aquavit Life Sciences, Inc., manufacturer of AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ and wholly owned subsidiary of Aquavit Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is a high-tech pharmaceutical company that provides a comprehensive range of innovative pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device technologies. Aquavit Pharmaceuticals, Inc. focuses on personalized medicine to improve patients’ health and maximize the efficiency of our medical community.

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