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October 21, 2016

Dear Valued Customers and Partners of Aquavit:

RE: Illegal Piracy Activities in Korea and China

It has come to our attention that an illegal Korean operator has been marketing pirated copies of AQUAGOLD® fine touch™. You may find trade names such as Tappy Tok-Tok or Hydragold that appear similar to AQUAGOLD® fine touch™. However, these counterfeit units are of sub-par quality and do not follow the same GMP standards our company requires. They have been falsely claiming that they are “private labeling” for AQUAGOLD® fine touch™. In addition, they are operating with fake patents, certifications, and are illegally using AQUAGOLD® trademarks to market in Asia and through the internet.

Aquavit Pharmaceuticals, Inc. owns worldwide patents for any repeated motion Microchannel Technology and we manufacture and distribute directly. If you have not purchased from Aquavit Pharmaceuticals, Inc., we urge you to discontinue use of the unsafe copy of AQUAGOLD and contact us at +1-702-874-8544 or email



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