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Aquavit Pharmaceuticals Registers AQUAGOLD® Device in Korea

NEW YORK, May 30, 2015 /USA/ — Aquavit Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Aquavit) is pleased to announce that it has officially registered its fluid injecting apparatus with the Korean Intellectual Rights Information Service (KIPRIS), as the invention of Sobin Chang, Chief Executive Officer of Aquavit.

“We are delighted to have the official registration for AQUAGOLD® in Korea,” said Ms. Chang. “As the only holders of this unique technology, we recognise the importance of the KIPRIS registration as confirmation of our intellectual property rights.”

The first iteration of the system was registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office on January 28, 2011 (#61437152), also by Ms. Chang, as a personalized injection treatment.

On August 4, 2014, Patent US-20160175408A1 was issued to Ms. Chang and three other professionals for a ‘Direct application system and method for the delivery of bioactive compositions and formulations’, or a method using micro-channel needles to inject drugs and biologics into sensitive areas.

Finally, on May 30, 2015, Registration #1015828220000 was awarded by KIPRIS for a ‘Fluid Injection Device for Skin Irritation’. Credited to Im Dongho, the system is designed to overcome some problems that can arise from administering injections to certain areas.

Many sensitive parts of the body, such as the hands and face (especially the area around the eyes) get damaged or irritated easily by standard injections, Aquavit’s patented methods avoid such issues by using eight to 20 micro-channel needles, thinner than a human hair, and adding several bioactive compounds to the injection. This is useful in cosmetic procedures and can also be used to deliver vitamin compounds to only the dermal layer, although it can be modified to penetrate the epidermis as well.

Aquavit continues to refine its delivery systems and other inventions and has many innovative products in its R&D pipeline.

About Aquavit Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Aquavit Pharmaceuticals is a high-tech pharmaceutical company that provides a comprehensive range of innovative pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device technologies.

‘Science Personalized. Healthcare Modernized.’

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