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AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ showcased at 2014 South Beach Symposium

Miami Beach, Florida, February 17, 2014

AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ was presented at the 2014 South Beach Symposium in Miami during a session on “What is New in Dermal Fillers”. Dr. David Goldberg, Director, Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists of NY/NJ and Clinical Professor and Director of Laser Research in the Department of Dermatology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, introduced to the audience AQUAGOLD® fine touch™, a unique microneedle device that effectively and comfortably delivers small droplets of treatment solutions, including dermal fillers, directly into the skin allowing for greater absorption of the active ingredients than traditional delivery methods. AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ treatments can address fine lines, increase collagen stimulation and improve overall moisture and rejuvenation of the skin. AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ is first-of-its-kind, FDA and CE Mark registered direct dermal application device. Aquavit Pharmaceuticals recently acquired an exclusive, perpetual global license to commercialize AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ and derivative technologies.

“Having AQUAGOLD® featured at South Beach Symposium is a tremendous recognition of the innovation of AQUAGOLD®microneedle technologies. This early strong level of attention from key opinion leaders such as Dr. Goldberg and others at the South Beach Symposium bodes well for the future of the product in the market.”, said Sobin Chang, CEO of Aquavit Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. David Goldberg has chaired many academic societies and is currently serving as Chairman of American Society for Lasers in Medicine and Surgery Ethics Committee.

About Aquavit Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Aquavit Pharmaceuticals is a multi-specialty healthcare company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing innovative pharmaceuticals, medical devices and health technologies.

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About David Goldberg, M.D.

David J. Goldberg, M.D. is recognized nationally and internationally for his innovative work with skin lasers, cosmetic dermatology and facial rejuvenation techniques. A board-certified dermatologist who has been in practice since 1985, he has treated patients and taught doctors throughout the world in the use of these cutting-edge technologies. Dr. Goldberg is active in professional societies and was elected president of the American Society for Lasers in Medicine & Surgery. Dr. Goldberg was recently elected to the board of directors of the American Academy of Dermatology and Secretary to the board of directors of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. He also serves as a co-vice-president of the Skin Cancer Foundation. Dr. Goldberg was the first recipient of the prestigious Leon Goldman award, named after the founder of laser surgery.

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