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Aquavit Pharmaceuticals Inc., Granted Patent for Apollo™ (PITO-001): System & Method for Personalized Injection Treatment in European Union

New York, NEW YORK, July 27, 2016

Aquavit Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced that the European Patent Office (EPO) has issued patent for Apollo Technology™, System and Method for Personalized Injection Treatment (Patent # EP2667965).

Apollo Technology™ utilizes a revolutionary, integrated platform built into a desktop configuration that compounds customized formulations into a delivery tool of the user’s choice. This individualized assessment using big data platform analyzes specific needs and recommends personalized treatments.

This convenient form factor is linked with Aquavit’s patent pending smart label technology and accurately tracks supply chain and utilization with a built-in automated disposal system. The drug cartridges are equipped with security microchips and are prefilled with single injection dosage for compounding while digitally generating and recording the individual doses and formulations.

“The benefit of Apollo’s big data platform is that it offers a specialized interface between treatments and outcomes, where users are able to develop, implement, analyze and manage all data within a comprehensive operating system,” according to Dr. David Shafer, Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Chief Medical Technology Officer of Aquavit.

Apollo™ would seek to benefit patients with specific needs and dosage requirements, especially effective for specialties that require various compounding techniques such as oncology and medical aesthetics. The broad applications of the smart technology can also be utilized in various consumer settings, including home-use and retail beauty counters.

“The far-reaching potential of Aquavit’s technology is an exciting glimpse into the future of personalized treatment, management and medicine”, says Sobin Chang, Inventor of the Apollo System and Chief Executive Officer of Aquavit.

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