Aquavit Pharmaceuticals


A.S.A.P. Inc. (Advanced Skin Application Platform) Becomes an Affiliate of Aquavit

Las Vegas, NEVADA, Oct 20, 2016

Aquavit has today signed on A.S.A.P. Inc., as one of its affiliate partners. A.S.A.P., Inc. is a Nevada corporation dedicated to personalized skin health and solutions, and is developing and delivering technologies that promote healthy looking skin.

It’s new flagship center, Aquavit MD™, is poised to bring in the world's top 100 doctors and scientists to assess, consult and/or treat VIP patients.

As America’s first center for personalized skin health, Aquavit MD™, headquartered in Las Vegas, offers a novel approach to skin health and medical aesthetics by offering patients access to an exclusive network of the world’s best physicians in the fields of dermatology, anti-aging, and cosmetic surgery.

Conceived and designed with the most discerning healthcare consumer in mind, Aquavit MD™ Centers will work exclusively with experts who offer the most advanced technology and procedures related to skin health and anti-aging to ensure the highest levels of research, innovation and care. Patients will be able to utilize Aquavit MD™ to meet with physicians from around the world for specialized assessment, consultation, and, treatment.

“Aquavit MD™ has been developed for individuals who expect and demand the highest levels of bespoke service, and who want assurances that they will be seeing the very best doctors in the world,” said Sobin Chang, CEO, Aquavit Pharmaceuticals, Inc. “Finding an elite doctor who meets one’s personal requirements isn’t as easy as searching online. Aquavit MD™ takes the guesswork out of the search process while providing access to the most in-demand physicians in their field.”

In addition to personalized services provided by the most elite doctors in their respective fields, Aquavit MD™ will offer a comprehensive suite of skin-health treatments utilizing today’s most advanced solutions, including Aquavit Pharmaceuticals’ revolutionary AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ microchannel technology.

The benefits of Aquavit MD™ extend to the participating physicians, as well. “Physicians invited to participate in the Aquavit MD™ network will have access to continuing medical education through exclusive seminars and training programs hosted by the Center,” said Ms. Chang. Aquavit MD™ will open its inaugural skin-health center in Las Vegas in early 2017.

With the Partnership, A.S.A.P., Inc. will be the worldwide commercial driver for Aquavit’s proprietary technologies including AQUAGOLD(R) fine touch(™).